Replacement Singer Featherweight Belt
Models 221 & 222 Class

Circumference 43cm (17 ½")
Made in Taiwan from reinforced resin

To replace the belt on a Singer 221 or 222
you will need to remove this pulley from the drive shaft
If you try to remove an old belt or put a new one on while the pulley
is still fixed to the drive shaft, you are likely to damage the pulley

Undo this screw

You will also need to loose the screw which holds the motor in place

(be careful not to remove it completely as it can be awkward to get back in)

With the belt already around the balance wheel, and in the pulley,
slip the pulley onto the drive shaft and replace and tighten the screw

And then all there is left to do is push the motor to a position
where the belt is appropriately taught then retighten the screw that holds the motor in place.

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