Pinnock Australia

Advertisements for Pinnock Sewing Machines located at the QV Markets George St Sydney first appeared in Sydney news papers around 1907

What is unknown about the early history of this Australian based retailer and importer definitely outweighs what is known but in the 1920s and '30s, they were among a number of significant sewing machine retailers in Australia. Most of the machines they imported and "badged" with their Pinnock branding in the early days appear to have come from a variety of German manufacturers.

Most of the Lithgow Model A recieved Pinnock branding

In 1957 Pinnock opened a factory in Elizabeth, South Australia. While they made very emphatic claims that the machines were made in Australia, the machines were manufactured by Toyota in Japan with only the motors and carry boxes were made here. The same Toyota models were sold by Morse in the USA.




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