Lithgow Small Arms Factory


Tooling up for the manufacture of the LSAF Model "A" began at Lithgow SAF in 1949 with production commencing in 1950.

The manufacture of sewing machines and other commercial production at this time included refrigerator and Sunbeam Mixmaster parts, Westrex film projector spares, handcuffs, Slazenger golf club heads and the old turn-handle pencil sharpeners. The factory was both retailer and wholesaler of its own Zircaloy brand open-ended, ring and adjustable spanners. Some of this "peacetime" manufacturing was thanks to government funding directed to post war reconstruction.

While the primary retailer was Pinnock, the SAF-made Model "A" was also branded as New Century, Gladiola, Thompson, Dobbie, Mercury, Kennedy and Hallmark and were decorated with transfer decals 'straight gold', 'laurel', 'fern', 'floral' or 'lion'. The decal designs were not brand-specific.

6000 LSAF Model "A" were made before production at Lithgow ceased in 1954.



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