short answers to common questions
(about vintage sewing machines)

Valuing a machine

The short answer is as much as someone is willing to pay on the day. The long answer depends on condition, rarity, quality of the original machine and finally that old X-factor, desirability; inevitably some machines are just more fashionable among sewing machine collectors and the crafters who like using them, but this does not always reflect an inherent value or the quality of the machine in question.

How to date or identify a vintage or antique machine

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The importance of the VS driver pivot point is often overlooked. When I am trying to ID a badged machine, it is the first thing I look for.

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How to fit a treadle belt

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How to mount a handcrank or motor

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Choosing and using a vintage machine to suit your needs:

I wrote the bones of this artical on sewing leather years ago for my Facebook page. As I find the time I will add more articals about choosing machines to fit the work you wish to do.