About Cyndy Kitt Productions


"Cyndy Kitt Productions" is the business name of Cyndy Kitt Vogelsang (that would be me) and represents all my creative professional enterprises.
I have worked in (and out) of the rag trade since 1981 (aged 15), been a costumier, wardrobe mistress, fashion designer, sample hand, pattern cutter, performer, writer, travelled, studied and much more besides. My full resume can be found on my old website HERE.
I've always wanted to study and collect vintage and antique treadle sewing machines, but it was only when my Anne Bonny's Locker business associate Darren Brosowski opened a vintage furniture store in Goulburn (now closed) in 2008 that I was finally able to realise this desire; I still don't have the means or space to keep the machines forever, but after renovating them I sell them to new loving homes fully working and kitted out with everything needed for sewing including a new belt, bobbins (when possible), needles and a suitable manual, usually a digitally restored copy of the original.
I started importing parts and accessories suited to vintage and antique sewing machines in 2010 when I was not able find a reliable local wholesaler or supplier and have been building my business on eBay ever since.

Darren takes the Anne Bonny's Locker "travelling tent show" to a different event or market every weekend, usually in central or south eastern New South Wales, to find out where he'll be this weekend check out the Anne Bonny's Locker and ABLE Sewing page on Facebook.


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