As an Author

While it is true there is a plague of writers in the world, I felt it my duty to contribute to the problem.
On Boxing Day 2003 I decided it was about time I took my inclination to impose my words and thoughts onto the world a little more seriously. With much haste I scribbled off a 1000 word piece to submit as part of my application to do the Professional Writing and Editing course at RMIT. I have since slightly revised and edited that piece: "In a Nutshell".
The course is well respected and only a very small percentage of those who apply are successful in their application — surprisingly I was one of that small percentage.

Me and my machine My first job— 999 words
In a Nutshell The names have been changed to protect the guilty—996 words
Journey into desert time From Melbourne to Alice Springs by train in 1984— 1089 words
Trading with the truth? Lies, lies, lies, yeah! Getting opinionated over lies being sold as the truth — 744 words
The New Beats Trying on Jack for sighs—1004 words
On the Breakwater My entry to the 2005 St.Kilda Writers Festival—1000 words
A Stallion in the Mist An experiment in writing fantasy — 1002 words
Annual Card Poems 2001 to 2009 I can't remember the first year I made an end of year card poem, but the first one I have reference to is 2001. My first end of year chapbook was produced in 2010, but it was rather slight compared to what they have become.
Copies of my chapbooks produced from 2012 to present are available to purchace from Anne Bonny's Locker
The Chronicles of Emelsa
A sailpunk historical adventure series


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