Slide and Throat Plate
for Singer 66 and 99 class

If you want shiny chrome you'll have to sort that out for yourself, but this new Chinese made slide plate is perfectly acceptable if you have lost the original and you want to get a vintage Model 66 or 99 Singer sewing again.

I also have throat plates (needle plate) at the same price so check out the slide plate section of my shop.

Please note the original #32569 slide plate is 2mm thick, but the new replacement plates 2.5mm thick, so the plate sits just a little proud of the bed.

The #32602 (2015) throat plate is the correct 2mm thick



Please note that the replacement slide plates I sell are slightly thicker than the original plates manufactured by Singer


How to replace the slide plate

The plate has grooves on the back that fit to a machine mounted flat spring. Counterintuitively, a removed slide plate is replaced from the right (as pictuered).
Please take care to ensure the ends of the flat spring (A) slide into the grooves on the underside of the plate.




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