Long Beak Central Shuttle Bobbin
Singer Part No. 2073

15-1 circa late 1880s

15-1 circa early 1890s with 1950s refurbish

Suitable for Singer Models 15-1, 15-22

Singer industrial 17 and 18 Class Vamping Machines

According to my supplier this bobbin should also fit Adler 48, Juki LS-130 and Seiko TE-2

The Model 15-1 (patented 1878 and designed by Singer employees Philip Diehl and Lebbeus Miller) was originally sold as an "Improved Family" and introduced oscillating shuttle

If you have a vintage long beak shuttle machine such as the 15-1 and 15-22 you probably haven't had much luck finding a retail suppler for the correct bobbins and may have even given up hope, well I have done the detective work and found a supplier who makes the bobbin you need.

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