Bobbin Cases for
Singer 206, 306, 319 & 320
front loading swing needle zigzag rotary hook machines

Before ordering any of these cases, please read my info page on the
Singer 206 class

Officially Singer 206 class models require the #105032 case.
Most 306 also require this case, although there are several notable exceptions.

A few years ago my supplier has informed me that the #105032 case was no longer in production, but after much testing I have evaluated the #541678 20U case as a safe replacement. It is also possible to modify a #52237 case for swing needle zigzag sewing.

Singer 206 and 306 class bobbin case


Some 306 class (notably tan coloured 306K) require a #173058 case to accomodate a positioning dimple

The 306M in my collection also requires a #173058 case

Sadly there are production issues with this item and

The red arrow shows the positioning dimple


New open design, back in stock

Bobbin Case for Singer 319K (Improved version)
Part No. 173058
Suits Singer 206W, 306M, 306W, most 319K sub models and 320K class machines

The specification issue with this case, has been fixed, but to ensure confidence I am testing every one before shipping.




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