66 and 99 class tension

For the sake of convenience I will be using a 99K13 for this tutorial which has the same tension break down as the 66 class models you are likely to find in Australia.

Breaking down an earlier model 66 and 99 class tension

A — Check spring regulator
B — Check spring
C — Tension post
D — Tension release pin
E — Tension plates
F — Tension release disk
G — Beehive spring
H — Tension nut

Loosen off the set screw to the side of the tension
(there is no need to remove completely)

Remove the complete tension assembly from the machine

Unscrew post from regulator

Slip the new check spring over the end of the post and reverse the process

Replace the tension with the presser foot in the down position (tension release inactivated) with the check spring angled to about 11 o'clock

Tighten the set screw to the side of the tension and check the tension is released when the presser foot is raised



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