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BWP-RT01 Rubber Tyre For Bobbin Winder #15287


BWP-RT02 Rubber Tyre For Bobbin Winder, Large (29K) #2460
BWG-1253 Bobbin winder Tension Thread Guide
SCR-114A Small Head Thumb Screw
SCR-513A Inspection Plate Thumb Screw A
SCR-5131 Inspection Plate Thumb Screw B
Back Inspection Plate, HA-1, Scroll
Back Inspection Plate, HA-1 Butterfly
NCL-205F Needle Clamp 15K26/27/28/66/99 (#2054 Flat)
NCL-205S Needle Clamp 15K26/27/28/66/99 (#2054 w/slot)
NCL-HA40 HA-1 Needle Clamp
OPD-8879 Felt Spool Washer
OPD-8879-P04 Felt Spool Washer, 4 pack
OPD-8879 Felt Spool Washer, 10 pack
  OPD-P173 Plastic Spool Pin (each)
  OPD-P173-P02 Spool Pin (pair)
OPD-H122 Spool Pin (each)
OPD-H122-P02 Spool Pin (pair)
OPD-1475 Spool Pin for industrial w/thread guide holes
  OPD-YA11 Screw In Fold Spool Pin W/Nut & Washer
OPD-P001 Indian P130 Spool Clamp Set
TSI-C001 1 Spool Stand Thread Stand Collapsible
  TSI-PFS1 Spool pin mounted thread stand for cones
HAP-031A Patch-O-Matic Presser Foot Release
RBF-13MB-P04 Round rubber buffer, 13mm black (set of 4)
RBF-13MW-P04 Round rubber buffer, 13mm white (set of 4)





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