White Vibrating Shuttle Instruction Booklet

The White Sewing Machine Company of Cleveland Ohio USA boasted that their machines were the best in the world and they were certainly one of the most original and innovative sewing machine companies.

This quality reproduction White Sewing Machine Instruction Manual was compiled from carefully scanned, digitally repaired and reconstructed images and text from an original booklet printed in the early 20th century and supplied with White Vibrating Shuttle Sewing Machines of that era.

For ease of use I moved the "Parts Guide" to the rear of the manual and advertisements to the inside cover. The unaltered instructional text covers care and use of the machine, treadle and attachments and is full of many handy tips and tricks but does reference some obsolete terms and materials and reads a little like an advert at times. I have also written a note on the inside cover about obtaining appropriate needles for this machine.


This 24 page reproduction booklet (28 pages including cover) is A5 size (the original was 150mm×230mm)

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No copyright is to be inferred by this reproduction, I only produced it to assist fellow vintage sewing machine enthusiasts
and seek only to be compensated a little for the time spent digitally reconstructing and the expense of printing.


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