White Rotary Model 41 Instruction Booklet


This is an edited and fully revised version of an original instruction booklet supplied with a White Rotary Model 41. The original booklet was intended for an electric powered version of the machine, but as I needed to use it with a treadle machine I revised it for that purpose. I have also updated obsolete terms and made the publication much easier to read and added the following contents page for easy reference:

  1. Working the Treadle
  2. Setting the Needle
  3. Choosing correct Needle and Thread
  4. Removing and threading Bobbin Case
  5. To Wind the Bobbin
  6. Threading the Needle
  7. Commence Work
  8. Remove the Work
  9. Stitch Length
  10. Regulating the Tensions
  11. Cleaning and Oiling
  12. Attachments


The 24 page reproduction booklet (28 pages including cover) is A5 size (the original was about A6)

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No copyright is to be inferred by this reproduction, I only produced it to assist fellow vintage sewing machine enthusiasts
and seek only to be compensated a little for the time spent digitally reconstructing and the expense of printing.


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