Pfaff 30 and 30/31 Instruction Booklet

Pfaff 30s are tough and reliable domestic sewing machines which mostly date from the mid 1950s and they can often be bought in reasonable condition in treadle cabinets or as portable electric machines (though domestic electric motors more than 50 years old are usually unsafe and should always be safety checked by a small motor specialist). As a central bobbin oscillating shuttle machine, the Pfaff 30 is a family member to the most successful and enduring sewing machine designs ever, so if you are a lucky owner of one of these plucky guys then you really should put it to work, and to that end I may be of assistance.

I am pleased to be able to offer faithful reproductions of the original instruction booklet supplied with Pfaff 30 and 30/31 Central Bobbin sewing machines. As the machines could be treadle powered or motorised the manual includes lessons on how to work the treadle as well as general care of the treadle. As with many translated technical booklets the grammar is amusing at times, but the illustrations more than make up for those shortcomings.

While specifically intended for the Pfaff 30 and 30/31 machines, it can also be used as a generic manual for central bobbin straight stitch machines with the tension placed at the front (send me a message if you are uncertain).

This reproduction which has been carefully scanned, digitally repaired and reconstructed with no alteration to the original text. However, I have included a reproduction note and disclaimer.


The 24 page reproduction booklet (28 pages including cover) is A5 size (the original is about A6).

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No copyright is to be inferred by this reproduction, I only produced it to assist fellow vintage sewing machine enthusiasts
and seek only to be compensated a little for the time spent digitally reconstructing and the expense of printing.


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