Singer 99K Instruction Booklet

This manual covers all early 99K models


Although I only directly cover hand powered sub-models in this publication, the essentials of all these submodels is covered.

99K1: from 1911- Treadle
99K2: from 1921- Small tension discs; handcrank
99K5: from 1924-25 Portable
99K10: from 1922-24 Aluminium; portable.
99K13: from 1924-1958 Electric portable
99K21: from 1924-54 Treadle
99K22: from 1924-54 Hand crank

The 99 class was the most popular machine for people who wished a basic budget priced Singer for simple work through most of the

This edited 16 page reproduction booklet (20 pages including cover) is A5 size (the original was 90mm×136mm)

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No copyright is to be inferred by this reproduction, I only produced it to assist fellow vintage sewing machine enthusiasts
and seek only to be compensated a little for the time spent digitally reconstructing and the expense of printing.


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