Singer 201K1 Instruction Booklet

Instructions for the general care and use of Singer 201 class models:
201K1 Treadle & 201K4 Hand Crank
and is also suitable for 201K3 Belt Drive Motor

The Singer 201 class is a horizontal rotating hook, reverse feed intended for household (domestic) use but one of the most popular and successful models in the mid 20th century and one favoured by home dressmakers.
This manual is a reconstructed version of Singer Form K4736 (1145) with no alteration or editing to the original text except to the cover and title page, exchanging the advert for a motor for a diagram of a treadle and the information about presser feet and needles. Use of original Singer attachments is not included in this edition.



This 24 page reproduction booklet (28 pages including cover) is A5 size (the original was 90mm×136mm)

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No copyright is to be inferred by this reproduction, I only produced it to assist fellow vintage sewing machine enthusiasts
and seek only to be compensated a little for the time spent digitally reconstructing and the expense of printing.


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