Who was Anne Bonny?

Much has been written about Anne Bonny, but how much is real and how much is myth is highly debated. I do like a good myth and below in a lyric poem in limerick form that covers all the key *facts as we know them.

Mistress Anne Cormac was bonny fair
Fierce temper 'n' fiery hair
A respectable life
As a squire's wife
Was more than she could bear

John Bonny seemed a likely lad
Of roguish ways he heartily bragged
Eloped with Anne
With a secret plan
To gain profit from her landed Dad

They sailed off to Nassau Harbour
But John was nout but talk
Selling out their friends
To make mean ends
Was the kind of dishonour to which Anne baulked

So Anne took up with the pirate Rackham
A dandy rogue if there ever was one
The stole a sloop
That was quite a coup
And pillaged the merchants of the Caribbean

A sailor named Reed was among their number
Equal fierce was he in the plunder
When Mark revealed to be
A woman named Mary
Anne convinced the crew it was no blunder

The crew of the William gained their infamy
For two whole months in 1720
Till Jack and men got drunk
And it all went bunk
And Barnet's men outnumbered fierce Anne and Mary

The sentencing at Jamaica was quite hasty
For noose-bound Jack, Anne had little pity
If he'd stayed off the grog
He'd not be dying like a dog
And could be a father to the babe in her belly

Though sentenced to the same fate as her lover
Execution was delayed for the innocent inside her
Her fears came to naught
The Governor was bought
To return to Charles Towne
Will Cormac's wild daughter

*facts that are more or less accepted at any rate


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